Six Pack Rules

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Almost everyone who has ever trained seriously has had focus on abs at some point or another. One can’t deny the fact that abs have become a core component of today’s perceived physical perfection. Apart from that abdominal training is important for all types of athletes. You use your abdominal muscles every time you lift, twist or even stand up.

But remember that you won’t get six pack abs overnight. It requires dedication to a clean diet and a great training program. To really see those etched abdominals, you’ll have to have an aggressive approach. Here are some rules to abide by to achieve those set of six packs.

v Be Patient– One pound of fat is equal to 3,500 calories, so in order to lose pounds you must create a deficit equal to the number of those calories. Losing one pound per week, for example, would require only a 500 calorie deficit per day (3,500cals/7days). That’s fewer than the number of calories in a king-sized Snickers bar! Bear in mind that “better eating habits” does not mean you should jump on the newest crash-diet bandwagon.  Sure, you might lose some weight at the beginning, but drinking three gallons of lemonade and honey per day is not sustainable.

v Stays away from liquid calories– If your beverage contains calories, don’t drink it. If you regularly keep drinking energy drinks, sugary coffee drinks or fruit smoothies, it shouldn’t be a surprise that you pack around a few extra pounds. Instead of a large mug of cappuccino try Green Tea.

v Add some Lean Muscle to your frame– Resistance training adds lean muscle to your frame, which revs metabolism and burns more calories. Adding muscle mass also makes your body stronger, shapelier, and better defined. Shorten your rest periods if you want some extra calories to be burned. High Intensity training increases the secretion of hormone that stimulates fat breakdown and burns fat during and after the workout.

v Go Green– Greens, along with most vegetables, are extremely low in caloric intake. People who have problems with self-control and portion size can’t go wrong when it comes to greens, which can be consumed virtually whenever you want. Load two thirds of your dinner plate with veggies, and you’ll fill up with quality nutrition and decrease the temptation to make sketchier choices.

v Ditch the Booze– Drinking slows down the muscle building and fat burning processes. Cutting alcohol out of your diet will eliminate empty calories that attach themselves to your waistline. If you simply can’t avoid alcohol then stick to Red Wine as it has less residual sugar than white wine and contains natural benefits of anti-oxidants.

v Sleep Well– A good night sleep is very essential for maintaining a healthy metabolic rate and synthesizing essential hormone and protein needed for muscle growth. The Human Growth Hormone (HGH) required for growth stimulation and cell reproduction are produced abundantly during sleep. Sleep also encourages better eating habits. Sleep well and your six packs are not so far away.

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