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Kevin Chiak

Master Physique Coach

Mr Singapore 2010

Founder / President of FITNESS MOVEMENT

Fm Nationals 2018 Overalls

Every one knows to achieve a wonderful physique like these 2018 National Champions and Mr Singapore(s) is not an easy task but if given a wish,  am sure many of you would wish that you can achieve that, thats why you are training pretty hard (we want to believe you are training hard)

Magesh Transformation edm

And we last heard Magesh will be competing soon (today being 11 July 2019) on the 13th July 2019

In case you think Magesh never workout in the before picture, then let me shock you! Magesh trained with weights sometime before but he did not achieve abs on his physique never ever !


That illustrated that if you have a physique like that of Magesh's before picture, you should know now that you too can  build a nice physique

kevinchiak _superman

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