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Train and change your body with the body transformation master


Kevin specialises in body transformation, and not just losing weight, but to make sure your muscles whether big or small is in the right places and the right size. How many times does your kid admire someone with a nice body on the streets or in the movies, and don't you think its about time for you to be the role model for your kid. Have a fit, healthy and look great body !

Kevin has won many best looking physique and bodybuilding competitions, inclusive of Senior Manhunt Champion And Mr Singapore titles. He is also the chief judge of bodybuilding competitions and founded a physique sport competition organization called FITNESS MOVEMENT . And he has personally crowned more than 10 Mr Singapore from 2013 to date. So if you are talking about how a nice body should look like and how to attain one, there is no one quite the equivalent like him. And his knowledge and guidance, is available to you online, guiding you towards a nice body of your own, no more admiring others.

More about this master trainer Kevin Chiak

If you want to experience on-going progress to achieve your fitness goal, whether you are new to working out or had been training for a while, it is best to get a real professional trainer to guide and monitor your training. Many of our online training clients encounter the same problem; couldn't get to the gym to match your trainers time, rather train in your apartment or commercial gym cos the time is more controllable, or the most common need is to save up a lot of money from engaging an on-site trainer (a normal onsite session cost $100, 3 times weekly and over 12 times a month will cost $1200/month), online training will cost you a sixth of that price per month equivalent to approximately $200/month).

Therefore, we are here to provide the right solutions to fit your lifestyle, we are here to offer you an ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAMME where it is designed for your desired goals and yet it is easy to follow and start to see results as quickly as 4 to 8 weeks.

You see buying a book or following a programme is not going to work for long, your progress may come to a halt or plateau and training programme will need to change for you to see even more progress and changes.

The online training package will include:

  1. Individual Body Assessment
  2. A customized Fitness Training plan
  3. A customized diet meal plan
  4. Monitoring of your progress through pictures & Skype conversation
  5. Video clips of how to execute the exercises
  6. Exclusive E-book by Master Trainer Kevin Chiak
  7. Additional Preparation plans for any physique competitions

Your trainer is none other than Kevin Chiak, a master fitness trainer/coach who possessed a master degree in medical fitness, a multi-time national bodybuilding champion and a former Mr Singapore who owns and runs FITNESS MOVEMENT, Singapore’s most integrated fitness & sports media platform providing diverse range of lifestyle solutions, multiple prongs of marketing & advertising exposure and fitness services.

For more enquiries, you may reach out to Mr Kevin Chiak at before you sign up.

Alternatively you may also book your time slot for a phone call conversation with Kevin via this link In this call, he will need to understand what you need and in this call, he will let you know what to expect.

Alternatively, you could buy the service right away and then we will get in touch to explain to you the process and more importantly to start training !

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