Ladies: Let’s make your curves Dangerous

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“Men love nice butts” and ladies want them. The craze of carving a sexy butt has picked up a boom among the ladies these days. Be it fitness modeling, bikini show or normal life a nice butt is a match winner. Not only does strong glutes improve your rear view, but they also boost your athletic performance. Training your glutes can help you sprint faster, jump higher, squat stronger and they can even protect your lower back during intense exercise. Many women think that lifting a light weight for multiple reps is the best way to define their muscles; however this is an incorrect assumption.

You’ll see far better results pushing your body hard and lifting as heavy weights as possible, so that must be your focus. Now, let’s have a look at some of the moves which will make your butt curvaceous.

1.     The Full Squat– When it comes to exercise selection, full squats can’t be beat. Most women short themselves on this exercise and don’t go to the full range of motion, which won’t fully recruit the glute muscles. Unless you are experiencing a large amount of knee pain, there’s no reason not to push yourself lower.

Try doing it without weight the first few times if you can get a feel for the movement and then start loading weight onto the bar. You’ll surely feel sore the next day but the results will be worth it.

2.     Split Squats– Split squats are another very good exercise for improving the shape and firmness of your butt. A large amount of stress is on a single leg right near the bum region.

You can either use a barbell on your back or you can do this exercise with the help of dumb-bells. Aim to go as low as possible in the lunging position and try and take a descent length step forward because if you lengthen the step, more emphasis will be on the hamstrings than quads, which is our sole goal.

3.     Deadlifts– Next up on the list is deadlifts where your feet are slightly raised upon a block or board. Having this extra flexion with the foot will put slightly more tension on the hamstring muscles, upping the intensity of the exercise. As we are focusing on defining the glutes here, this is a nice tool to have in your program.

4.     Hip Thrusts– The Hip thrusts play an important role in shaping your glutes. You won’t find many other glute-specific exercises where your glutes are in the strongest position during a peak contraction. The bent-leg position accounts for part of its success as your glutes reach maximum activation at the top of the lift.

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